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The above two images are of the two sides of the same enamel on plexiglass artwork entitled UNDER THE SURFACE. Note that the two images are completely different from one another. Painting only on one side of the plexiglass, you would expect a mere reversal on the other side. The side on which I paint is referred to as the INTELLECTUAL side as I consciously paint, layer by layer… The other side is created on its own – as a result of my giving birth to the ‘painted’ side referred to as the INTUITIVE side as the image is created unconsciously, becoming the foundation for the finished work. The final finished painting becomes the INTELLECTUAL side, complete with all the layers. The INTUITIVE side is the first initial layer and represents the instinctively sparked naturalness of the paint as it is applied and set in the beginning.
The enamel on plexiglass works address the aspects of the behavioural sociology of mankind in contemporary society – its facileness – where the intellectualization aspect supercede / overshadows the intuitive as we present ourselves to the outside world, revealing only what we wish to reveal. Concealing all the rest. Public vs Private.
It is these plexiglass panels which intrigued the curator / director of Pool in New York. The Pool Art Fair is a major component in the Basel Art Fair taking place in Miami, Florida in December, 2012. My work has been selected to be a part of this exciting exhibition.