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Free From Jazz
MARINE MELODY: suggestive of something magical and musical. The reflection of the black lines upon the wall constantly change with the passage of time. The curvilinear addition installed to the right has a vertical band of crystal that adds to its magical and lyrical quality.
so into you

Artist Statement

My work has been described as ‘where Jackson Pollock left off..’ Drippings and dribbling, the cavalier pouring and splashing onto the canvas, the unmistakable layering. Considered a philosophical painter, the work espouses life-affirming energy. The imagery regales the song of the universe, the soul of the spheres. My use of enamel paint gives a powerful vibrancy to the work as I tell my stories. Stories that relate to the urgency of modernity to reinform itself to its interconnection to the cosmos.

The layering of the plexiglass panels, all splattered and dripped upon, addresses this very concern. Concepts of reflection, deflection, memory, distortion, association, disassociation. The interplay, intermingling of the lines, shapes, shadows that change constantly are all dependent on the vagaries of light, just as the self changes and evolves, as it responds to the varying externalities. A sense of wonder is created in the work as it becomes a suggestive process in attaining a certain sentience. A sense of beauty, a notion of harmony. All of which are essential for the fulfilment of humanity.

Artist Statement of Megan Vun Wong

TIME …our memory informs our present reinforms our memory reinforms our present…

Fond memories, warm all around, scramble alongside the hurtful, harsh ones. Enigmatic flashes of past episodes comprise the old, cold remembrances that intertwine effortlessly with the wholesome versions of the nice and good.

And so it goes. Our world – our recollection of our past – changes with the influences, the perceptions, the nuances of our present. This past/present relationship is influx and continually evolving. Never static. Never linear, it is a fluid fluctuation of form.                                                  

My art speaks of this relationship where memories / old thoughts are intermingled, meshed, interconnected, off-set. These then shape and reshape our present view of the world. In the enamel on plexiglass work where the layering of the plexi panels is paramount to the success of the work, light embodies an important component. The light plays with the lines, the swigglies and the shadows – all emphasizing the constant intricacies of change and negotiation that is the hallmark of the work. The energy of the meandering lines, swaying and overlapping; some becoming more powerful, others weaken as they signify deflection, adaptation and resolution. The lines and shapes that intersect, that intermingle, that empower, that whisper, all contribute to the notion of reflection and contemplation, qualities inherent in the gift of time. As the light touches the configuration of lines and shapes, these very same lines and shapes are constantly in motion, and thus, each teeny-tiny moment registers differently. An alone, single straight line, becomes emboldened by a cluster of convening lines, now stands taller than before. In the midst of it all.

The contours, the curvilinear lines converge to make a new form, a new ‘shape’ of ideas. These new lines and formations continue to constantly evolve and transform. Such variation and inflection temper our conjectures of any given tiny moment. To recast and reconstruct is its undeniable stability.

Our memory, as is our mindset, is ever changing, always morphing. This is the fodder from which we fathom our here and now, and along the way, our future. A cyclical, neverending ray of acknowledgement. From all the wishes, regrets, triumphs, secrets, wonderments, hopes, gratitudes, we are all a culmination – that contribute to our fidelity, our essence of today.